Old Park Station

Old Park Station dates from 1896 and was in continual active service as Johannesburg’s principal passenger station until its closure in 1951. It was the central station on the Rand Steam Tram suburban railway serving the region and is now one of only two stations surviving from this railway line, the other being Krugersdorp Station. This gives it a high degree of rarity and importance as a relic of railway heritage. Its period of service also meant it was active throughout four Wars, where it was used to transport soldiers, refugees, horses, munitions and other goods for the war effort. This gives it High social and cultural significance.

After its closure, it was dismantled and reassembled at Esselen Park, where it formed a training facility for the Railway College. Its connection to its original railway station function was maintained as it was the place where railway foreman were trained. In 1993, it was dismantled again and brought to a concrete podium south of the railway lines in the Newtown North precinct, just over a kilometre from its original location in Johannesburg city centre. Since then, it has only been in occasional use and stands forlorn, particularly as only 60% of the structure is standing there. It is unknown whether the remaining 40% is in fit condition to be reassembled in future to complete the structure.

The site is now flanked on the south by a development site, which has brought into sharp focus the need to prepare a conservation management strategy for the Old Park Station. In particular, finding an appropriate use for it and ensuring it can conserved for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations. A Stop Order was issued to the proposed development, that of Brickfields North Social Residential Housing, to allow time for the production of a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA). This Statement of Significance has been prepared for Johannesburg Heritage Foundation in order to support informed decision making about the future of the heritage resource and better understand how it may be affected by the proposed neighbouring development.

Old Park Station has been assessed as having Exceptional historical, technological and landmark significance and High aesthetic, representational, group and relationship, social and cultural significance. Taking into account its condition, incomplete state and rarity, it is considered that overall Old Park Station is a heritage resource of Exceptional significance.


NZASM’s ‘Rand Tram’ line reaches Johannesburg, ‘Park Halt’ station is a corrugated iron shed


NZASM replaces corrugated iron shed ‘Park Halt’ with cast iron Old Park Station building


Imperial Military Railways – IMR, takes control


Central South African Railways – CSAR, formed after the end of British occupation


South African Railways & Harbours – SAR&H, formed on creation of the new Union of South Africa


Heritage initially owned the structure; it was then transferred to The State


The State is the current owner

The Station has been transformed into a Unique Regional Market, and Sentimental Events venue located in the heart of Johannesburg.

The Station is not only a Heritage structure with a rich history, over 120 years of existence, but we are also situated parallel to the Iconic Bridge named after the Late Nelson Mandela. We are also the only “Outdoor Events Venue” with a 360 degree view of Johannesburg City.

The Station has an ability to cater for 1500 Pax in a banquet setting and an ability to host 5000 Pax, on the top platform in a concert setting.

The Station Est.1897 Regional Market, is located in a tourism district of Johannesburg. The coming together of the various successful Township Markets creates a platform for intra-regional tourism. This allows for sharing of ideas and indulging in various and diverse cultures offered in/by each region. As each region has its own uniqueness

The Team Behind The Station